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Specialty Center

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Two Programs to Choose From

Monacan is home to the Center for the Humanities and the Health Professions & Therapies Center. Each center is a distinct program of study that provides students with an expanded high school experience.

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Center for the Humanities

Life isn't neatly divided into subjects. At the Center for the Humanities, learning isn't either. World events inspire writers. Writers inspire people to change the course of history. The natural world sparks wonder. Mathematicians and philosophers seek understanding and wisdom. Their pursuit emboldens artists, scientists, architects, and engineers to shape the environment we live in. These contributions are set forth into the world, orbiting and augmenting our own experiences, laying the groundwork for history anew. Using an interdisciplinary approach steeped in experiences, discussion, and thought, students learn to make sense of the world — not with static perspectives, siloed content, or disjointed curriculum — but in the connected, holistic, and communal way great minds of all civilizations have. Thinking is our specialty at the Center for the Humanities.

Health Professions & Therapies

The Health Professions and Therapies (HPT) Specialty Center at Monacan High School provides students with academic and practical field experiences in preventative medicine and therapeutic health careers. Students will explore health care careers that focus on therapy and prevention such as: sports medicine; athletic training; physical and occupational therapy; physical education; and exercise science. The HPT Mentorship program allows students to experience health and therapy careers in clinical settings through partnerships established with the local medical community. Upper class HPT students will develop leadership and communication skills as they mentor and support the ninth and tenth grade HPT students.